WS Game 3

These through the night games are so much easier to deal with when we win!

I managed to get about an hours sleep before the alarm on my mobile got me up for the pre-game broadcast just before 1 a.m. I was as sleepy as the English country village where I live and it seemed, as the game got under way, that so were the Tigers bats. Nate was doing his best to keep us in the game but the pressure with every scoreless Tiger inning looked to be taking its toll and it was no surprise to see him finally crack. It was pleasing that he managed to limit the damage to just 2 runs because at least we were still in the game. But we never got going, my eyes became heavier and the banter between Jonny & Josh on Five became more annoying. Do they watch re-runs of old Carry On films before they go on air?

It was heavy dejected steps that took me back upstairs to bed just before 5 a.m. with the game over and the depressing thought circling my brain for the first time this post-season that maybe the best has now been and is no longer still to come.

Three hours sleep and then it was time to get up for work! I shall do the whole thing again tonight and will be hoping that Jeremy pitches the game of his life, Pudge, Pacido and Curtis rediscover their batting prowess and the Tigers level the series at 2 games each. The alarms set!


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